Running UGI Application Top of Docker Container…

(1)First start docker service

Command →

To check if the docker service start or not run this command

Command → systemctl status docker

(2) After start Docker service to create a directory (Create directory command)

Command → mkdir (name of directory)

(3) Go inside the directory and create a docker file inside it.

Command → vim dockerfile

(4) After the dockerfile is created to build the docker image

Command → docker build -t (image name) .

don’t forget dot → (.)

(5) After built the docker image successfully to select the docker image that was built and launch it with help of the docker OS launch command

Command → docker run -it — net=host — env=”DISPLAY” — name (your docker container name like this) gui_os (your build image name like this) docker_gui_os

(6) Run the GUI application after the docker container is launched

Run jupyter notebook

Command → jupyter notebook — allow-root

This task is completed

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