Installation and Configuration of Yum in Red Hat Linux 8

Installing Yum to RHEL 8

Firstly Attach your iso image file…

Step 1: First move to the given location in RHEL 8 Linux CD or if you are using any virtual software then attach the iso or image file to the virtual machine and move to the location or folder below.


Step 3: Here search for yum and you must get an rpm package, copy the name of the package.

rpm -i yum- # replace the name of yum to the copied name

Manually Configuration

Step 1: Go to

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
gedit myyum.repo
[reponame1]    # this is repository name
baseurl=file:///run/media/root/RHEL-8-0-0-BaseOS-x86_64/AppStream #this is baseurl for the rhel 8 disk file
gpgcheck=0 #this is to allow installation without any security check and delays.



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