How To Run Machine Learning Model Top Of Docker Container

(1) Create machine learning model..

This machine learning model predicts Salary according to your years of experience

put your csv data in this machine learning model like (SalaryData.csv) this is my data set

  1. start your docker container service

2. check your docker container service start or not

create one docker container and install python3 and some library like (pandas , scikit-learn)

3. launch docker container use this command

command → docker run -it —name (container name like os1) (select your image like) centos: latest

after launch the docker container install python3 and some Library like pandas , scikit-learn

command → (1) yum install python3 (2) pip3 install pandas (3) pip3 install scikit-learn

install successfully python3 and library , copy your csv data VM (virtual machine)to docker container

command docker cp SalaryData.csv sm_os:/sm_21

check your docker container if csv file is copied or not

copied successfully csv data to run your machine learning model (

command → python3

enjoy this machine learning model



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