How Big MNC’s Are Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) And How does it Benefit Them

In this blog you will learn about Artificial Intelligence and how it benefits to MNC’s .

What is Data Science .?
What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
What is ML (Machine Learning) ?
How MNC's are using and benefited from AI ..

What is Data Science .

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) .?

What is Machine Learning ?

What is Deep Learning ?

Top 5 Trends in Artificial Intelligence That May Dominate 2020s

1. Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chips

2. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

3. Automated Machine Learning

4. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

5. Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security

How do MNC’s Benefit from These Technologies …

1. Alphabet — Google

2. IBM (International Business Machines)

3. Amazon

How does Amazon leverage Artificial Intelligence?

How AI drives Amazon business growth

3. Microsoft

AI for Accessibility

Cloud, Flutter, J2EE, Web Development